Frequently Asked Questions for Parents

To ensure that your child’s school portrait experience goes smoothly, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions and helpful tips for parents.

Who are we?

Our Canberran team consists of expert portrait photographers; Steph and Ben are our directors and are talented photographers with years of experience running photography businesses here in Canberra. Our on-site coordinators help run Photo Week smoothly ensuring that all children are photographed, and no one gets missed. Our photographers are experienced with working with children and take a playful approach to photography to ensure kids are engaged and relaxed.

Is pre-purchasing a package required?

No pre-payment is necessary! Unlike traditional school photo companies, you can decide on a package after viewing the photos (no envelopes required!). We offer a variety of options to choose from.

What should my child wear?

If your school does not provide a uniform and if it’s important to you that they dress for a timeless look, then opt for clothing with small patterns or solid colours to minimise distractions. Avoid text, large logos or current trends. Otherwise your child could wear something they love and feel special in, and if that’s a brightly coloured Minecraft shirt or a cherished dress that’s a size too small, then that’s perfect too.

Can you photograph siblings together?

Yes! We’ll capture sibling portraits during our visit to the school provided you have pre-registered your information.

Will my child still be photographed even though I forgot to register them?

Unless your centre/school has specified differently, we will aim to photograph all children even if they are not registered, unless you let the school know that you do not want to have any photos taken.

Siblings will not be photographed together if they have not been pre-registered.

What are the package costs?

We offer a range of packages to accommodate various budgets and preferences. Individual portrait prints start at $15, group/class photos at $29, and print & group packages from $39. Explore all package options upon viewing your child’s photos.

When can I view and receive my child’s photos?

Generally speaking, photos will be available for viewing and purchasing within 6 weeks after photo week. If you opt for free delivery to the school, these will be dispatched 10 days the photos are released for viewing. This ensures all families have an opportunity to take advantage of free delivery. After the initial ten-day period, please expect 5-14 business days for these to arrive via postal service to the centre or school. If you opt for home delivery, please expect 3-14 days for your package to arrive.

Are the photos edited?

Yes, we select, colour-correct, and process your child’s photos. We can remove facial injuries at your request. See below for further information on how to request retouching.

When will my child be photographed?

For centres: we opt for a flexible photo schedule and therefore do not pre-schedule specific photo days. We prioritise children who partially attend and children who have pre-registered at the start of the week. If your child attends less than three days, they will likely be photographed on the first day of the week that they attend.

For schools: The school will usually determine the schedule with us and may be in communication with you as to when your child’s class photos will be taken. Otherwise, we photograph children as they’re ready and in the order provided by their educators. If a child is feeling anxious or unwilling to participate, we like to accommodate this and provide them with an alternative day to ensure a positive photo experience.

How can I prepare my child for photo day?

To prepare your child for photo day, have a conversation with them about the upcoming event. Explain that a friendly photographer will be visiting their school to take pictures, and they’ll have the opportunity to show off their favourite spots in the playground. Encourage them to relax, have fun, and that their smiles will come as they play and have fun. There is no need to say cheese!

What if my child has special needs or requires accommodations during the photo session?

We strive to create an inclusive experience for all students, including those with special needs. Our photographers are experienced and trained in working with children who may require additional accommodations. We collaborate closely with your child’s educators to ensure a comfortable and successful photo session. If you have specific concerns or requests, please notify the school prior to photo day.

How long will the photo session take for each child?

The duration of each child’s photo session may vary depending on factors such as the child’s comfort level and cooperation. Generally, we aim to complete individual portraits within a few minutes to minimise disruption to the child’s regular school routine.

Can parents be present during the photo session?

While we understand the desire to be present, we kindly request that parents allow their children to go about their day as usual, unless there is a particular reason for parental presence. This ensures a smoother process and helps maintain the child’s focus during the session.

How secure is the online photo gallery, and what measures are taken to protect my child’s privacy?

We take your child’s privacy seriously. The online photo gallery is protected by a unique code provided to each parent. Additionally, our system is backed up by the school’s information. Rest assured that we implement strict security measures to safeguard your child’s photos.

How can I provide feedback on my child’s school portrait experience?

We welcome and appreciate feedback as it helps us continually improve our services. Please feel free to email us your thoughts at

Are there any discounts available for purchasing multiple packages or prints?

Yes, we offer a $30 discount on our digital package when you purchase any of our print packages. This provides a cost-effective solution for families seeking multiple products.

Only want one digital image? These are available at just $29 each!

If you have siblings, there's also more discounts to be found! While each gallery is a separate purchase for the digital images, you do have the option also of selecting the Sibling Pack / Family Print Pack - which enables you to mix and match photos of your children from each of the galleries when customising your package. However, your most cost-effective way of purchasing the digital images for all children would be to:

1. Select a package or single prints totalling at least $39

2. This total in your cart will now unlock an even further reduced discount for the digital image pack, at $69 rather than $99

3. Select the digital image pack for each individual gallery, and sibling gallery, at $69 each

Please let us know if you run into any problems, or have any other questions!

Can I request retouching or specific edits for my child’s photos?

Regarding Photo Retouching:

Our streamlined workflow focuses on ensuring timely delivery of high-quality photographs. Consequently, we are unable to accommodate pre-delivery edits to your child's photos. However, we recognise that unexpected situations, like facial marks or injuries, might occur during Photo Week.

Complimentary Edits for Digital Purchases:

If you notice any such issues in your child's photos within your online gallery and have opted for digital copies, we offer up to two complimentary edits. Please email us at, attaching the specific images and detailing the desired edits. Our team will assess the feasibility of the requested modifications and promptly inform you of our ability to proceed.

Extended Editing Services:

For comprehensive editing across the entire photo collection, a nominal fee of $35 will be applicable. This service can be requested via the same email, and we will issue a separate invoice for these specialised retouching services.

Additional Prints of Edited Photos:

Once the retouching is complete, you'll have the opportunity to order additional prints featuring the edited images, ensuring you have the most cherished version of your child's school portraits.

How are the photos packaged and delivered to ensure their quality during transport?

For school delivery, we securely package and courier the photos to the school. If you opt for home delivery, we send the photos via Australia Post, ensuring proper packaging to maintain quality during transport.

What is your refund or exchange policy if I’m not satisfied with the photos?

If you’re not satisfied with the photos, please contact us at We will likely request that you return the photos to our studio for inspection. Once we review the issue, we’ll work with you to find a satisfactory resolution, which may include a refund or exchange.

How do I order my photos?

Great question! We have helpful videos available here for Daycares and here for Schools to walk you through the process!